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Arenal Volcano

Active Volcano, Active Adventure

Volcan Arenal is the youngest—under 4,000 years old—and most active of all the volcanic mountains in Costa Rica. Presumed extinct until a 1968 earthquake re-awakened it, the mountain produced regular, low-level eruptions until quieting again in 2012. These Strombolian events were often accompanied by low rumbles, ash flumes, and spectacular ejections of glowing rock and cinder.

Although the volcano is now sleeping, the surrounding area is well worth visiting. Attractions include verdant cloud forests, abundant wildlife, and soothing hot springs. Whitewater rafting, horseback riding, waterfall rappelling, zip-line canopy tours, fishing, paddleboarding, and caving trips are available.

Short regional flights connect Arenal to several domestic airfields. Driving is another option; Arenal is approximately 3.5 hours from either international airport, San Jose or Liberia. Arenal can be visited year round, but the sunniest months are December through April.

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