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Guatemala is the soul of Central America—the realm of Maya kings and the seat of colonial power. Forgotten cities rise from lowland jungle, echoing with the calls of howler monkeys and toucans. Highland market towns bustle energetically, as ancient prayers rise in the smoke of copal incense.

The land itself is alive. Its mountainous spine links 34 volcanoes—19 of them active and rumbling. Visitors can access several of these summits, gaining views of glowing lava and fiery sunsets.

Guatemala is also a biological hot spot, with nineteen distinct eco-regions. Its wildlife includes more than 700 species of birds, approximately 250 species of mammals, and over 200 species of reptiles and amphibians. Among these are jaguars, tapirs, quetzals and sea turtles. The county's plant life is similarly diverse; over 8,000 species have been identified, including 550 varieties of orchid. Roughly 28% of Guatemala's territory is protected in reserves and national parks.

December through April are the sunniest months, and the best time to visit Guatemala. During the Christmas season and Holy Week, traditional festivals overflow with color and pageantry. Guatemala's rainy season extends from May to September. Regional temperatures vary with altitude and coastal proximity.

La Aurora International Airport, located just four miles south of central Guatemala City, offers regional connections to BelizeCosta RicaHondurasNicaraguaPanama, and even Peru. From the USA, direct flights arrive from Chicago (4.5 hours), Los Angeles (4.5 hours), Houston (3 hours) and Miami (2.5 hours).

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