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Fortaleza, Natal & Beyond

Beaches Cities of the Sunny North

Despite its celebrated beaches and balmy climate, Brazil's Northeastern states of Ceara and Rio Grande do Norte are rarely visited by North Americans. That's a pity. In-the-know Europeans and Brazilians shouldn't have all the fun.

Fortaleza is the capital of Cearå. Though relatively small, Ceara has one of the longest coastlines in the country—a vast stretch of sand dotted with famous beaches. Two of the best-known are within Fortaleza's city limits: Praia do Futuro (wide and golden) and Iracema (an all-hours party zone). Fortaleza is also the starting point for excursions to Canoa Quebrada, Lencois Maranhenses, and Jericoacoara—remote escapes known for their natural beauty and solitude.

Natal, "The City of the Sun," is the capital Rio Grande do Norte. The city is unique in its indifference to Carnival, the yearly celebration that marks the beginning of Lent. As a substitute, Natal holds an event called Carnatal, an off-season carnival that takes place in November and December. Natal is a based for trips to Pipa (an outlying beach where vacationers can swim with dolphins) and Genipabu (known for its seaside dunes). Fernando de Noronha, a marine sanctuary located 219 miles offshore, can also be reached via Natal.

Fortaleza and Natal share a tropical climate. Temperatures are fairly constant year-round; highs near 90° are moderated by pleasant ocean breezes. July through December are the sunniest months.

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