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The Amazon

The River Sea

The Amazon Rain Forest—the largest rainforest in the world—covers nearly 40% of Brazil's territory, and extends into five neighboring nations. More than one-third of earth's species are found here.

The Amazon River is the forest's lifeblood. By every measure, the river's scale is extraordinary. In some sections it is over 300 feet deep, and at its mouth it is nearly 150 miles wide. By volume it is the largest river in the world, accounting for one-fifth of the planet's total river flow. Depending on the season, the Amazon drains between 9,000,000 and 32,000,000 gallons of fresh water per second into the Atlantic.

Two of the most accessible sections of river are located outside Manaus and Santarém. Riverside lodges near these cities offer full-board packages that include daily, guided excursions to the surrounding forests and tributaries. Guests can swim with fresh-water dolphins; visit indigenous communities; and fish for piranha. Alternatively, luxury motor yachts can be chartered for private, multi-day cruises.

The rainy season extends from December to May. Although intermittent showers should be expected during these months, temperatures are cooler, and high water allows access to many more side streams. The low water season—July through November—is also the warmest, with highs in the 90s.

Flights from Sao Paulo reach Manaus in four hours. Connections from Manaus to Santarém add another hour.

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"God is big, but the forest is bigger."

Brazilian proverb