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Bolivia is the most truly South American country; an estimated 55% of the population claims indigenous lineage. This proud cultural heritage extends back thousands of years. Bolivian territory was home to great civilizations such as Tiwanaku and Tawantinsuyu. Today Bolivia boasts some of the finest archeological sites and museums on the continent. Visitors can explore mountaintop fortresses, pre-Inca pyramids, and lakeside temples.

Bolivia's eclectic landscape draws from the best features of its five neighboring nations. The mighty Andes form the country's western backbone, combing the skies for the precious moisture that sustains its northern Amazonian tributaries and wide eastern savannahs. In the southwest, shimmering salt deserts and chromatic lakes create otherworldly panoramas. The central highlands are lush and cool, supporting tropical forests that teem with photogenic fauna.

Although occasionally dismissed as a poor nation, Bolivia's holds some of the richest mineral deposits on the planet. From the 16th to the 18th century, the territory's silver mines bankrolled the Spanish colonial empire. In coming decades, Bolivia's unmatched reserves of lithium and other rare elements may unlock new waves of prosperity.

La Paz, the country's largest metropolitan area, can be reached by daily flights from Lima, Peru (1 hour, 45 minutes). Flights to La Paz from the USA usually connect in Lima, simplifying combination Peru - Bolivia vacations.

Daily flights also connect the commercial capital of Santa Cruz to international destinations such as Buenos Aires, Argentina (2.5 hours); Sao Paulo, Brazil (under 3 hours); Lima, Peru (under 3 hours); and Iquique, Chile (1 hour 15 minutes).

Most of Bolivia's cities enjoy consistent weather year round. However, some outlying destinations are easier to reach outside the December to March rainy season.

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"If you marry wise judgment, peace will become your brother-in-law."

Bolivian proverb