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Chile's geography is preposterous: a ribbon of land, wedged between the Pacific and the Andes, stretching 3000 miles. At one point the country is no more than ten miles wide. As strange as its territory sounds, Chile contains the most diverse and stunning collection of landscapes in South America.

The north is an arid coastal plateau—the world's driest desert. The central region is famous for it Mediterranean climate, wine valleys and ski resorts. The Lake District's deep blue lochs are surrounded by prehistoric forests. In the far south, Patagonia's fjords, glaciers, and granite peaks repeat on in infinite variety. Offshore, Chile's territory extends from the Antarctic to Polynesia.

Imagine the possibilities. Gaze at the clearest night sky you've ever imagined. Ski a snowcapped volcano. Visit ghost towns. Ride horses on Easter Island. Sample world-class Cabernet. Fly fish in Patagonia. Observe condors, flamingos and penguins. One trip won't cover it. This is a place to visit again and again.

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"He who finds not love finds nothing."

Chilean proverb