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Colombia offers the very best of South America—the essential spirit of the continent's cultures and landscapes distilled and concentrated. Visitors can time travel thought colonial cities, dive into world-class outdoor adventure, or lose their cares among the sand and surf. Long prized for its gold and emeralds, this land is also adorned with giant water lilies, great green macaws, shimmering glaciers, and sparkling shores. Here, passion for life is celebrated perpetually though cuisine, music, sports, and spontaneous generosity. Colombia will change your mind. 

Colombia is located at the junction of Central and South America—a location symbolic of the nation's cultural and geographic confluences. Its territory is bordered to the north by the Caribbean Sea; to the east by Panamanian forest and Pacific coast; to the west by the grasslands of Venezuela and Amazon Basin of Brazil; and to the south by the Andes and lowland jungles of Ecuador and Peru. In the interior, three majestic mountain ranges are traversed by winding roads that connect cities, races, and cultures.

The first peoples arrived in Colombia more than 12,000 years ago. Subsequent civilizations erected complex cities near present-day San Agustín and Tayrona in the first and eleventh centuries. By the time the Spanish arrived, the Muisca Confederation had a population of over 600,000—making it the third-largest New World culture. Today, indigenous communities such as the Kanzá, Cubeos, Wayuu, and Arhuacos hold their ancient traditions intact.

As one of the New World's earliest European settlement sites, Colombia is also home to a wealth of colonial history and architecture. Early explorers such as Alonso de Ojeda arrived here at the dawn of the 16th century in search of El Dorado. Successive waves of European settlement took hold on the Caribbean Coast in the 1530s and expanded inland. These colonial cities are now yours to enjoy; Spanish fortresses, palaces, and churches have been lovingly preserved in CartagenaMompox, Girón, and Bogota.

Colombia's legendary wealth extends well beyond city limits; its biodiversity is among the highest on earth. No other country is richer in avian diversity—over 1,800 bird species have been identified here, 70% of which are concentrated in the Andean cloud forest. Off the Pacific Coast, migrating Humpback whales breach spectacularly from June to October. In the country's southeast, visitors to Amazon Basin lodges can observe monkeys, jaguars, and pink river dolphins.

With its equatorial climate, Colombia is a year-round destination. It is also convenient to the continental United States. Direct flights are available to Bogotá from Miami (3.5 hours), Houston (5 hours), New York (6 hours), and Los Angeles (7 hours). Direct flights can also be arranged from Miami to Cartagena, with a flying time of only 2.5 hours. 

Vacations to Colombia are easily combined with trips to PanamaEcuador (including Galapagos), and Peru. Mosaico Travel Services arranges personalized travel in Colombia and throughout South America and Central America. We organize luxury accommodation, private transportation, and tours with expert guides. Speak with a Mosaico travel planner today at 801.582.2100. We’ll take care of the details.


"It is not true that people stop pursuing dreams because they grow old, they grow old because they stop pursuing dreams."

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