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Ecuador's Amazon

El Oriente

The Amazon Basin is South America's green heart—a dense wilderness coursing with rivers and pulsing with life. This is the most biologically diverse ecosystem on the planet, supporting over one-third of Earth's species. Approximately 25% of Ecuador's territory lies within the basin, gathering the flow of a dozen major tributaries. Known as El Oriente or The East, this verdant region extends from the eastern slopes of the Andes to the Peruvian border.

Visitors come to observe El Oriente's abundant wildlife, to enjoy the natural beauty of the rivers and forests, and to commune with ancient indigenous cultures. Pink freshwater dolphins, monkeys, caimans, parrots and macaws are among thousands of animal species that populate the ecosystem. Each dawn, a deafening chorus of birds, insects and monkeys salutes the sun. In the mornings and late afternoons, guides lead wildlife tours deep into the forest by canoe or trail. Excursions to local villages and medicinal plant tours with local shamans can also be arranged.

Guests stay in comfortable riverside eco-lodges. Multi-day packages can include meals, guided excursions and transportation. In the northern Oriente, the Rio Napo, Rio Coca and Rio Aguarico offer the best lodging and wildlife viewing options. In the south, the Rio Pastaza is an excellent choice. Each of these areas can be reached by air from Quito.

As this is a rainforest region, the climate is humid and tropical; the average temperature is 90°, varying from 80° to a steamy 100°. March through June is rainy season, known for its swollen rivers. August through November are the driest and most accommodating months; the trails are more accessible and smaller tributaries can be explored by canoe. To avoid the heat, most excursions are conducted in the early morning and late afternoon; midday is best for shady siestas and cool drinks at the lodge.

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"He who leans close to a good tree is blanketed by good shade."

Ecuadorian proverb