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Gran Sabana & Roraima

The Land Time Forgot

La Gran Sabana is one of South America's most fascinating landscapes. This enormous region stretches for more than 13,500 square miles across western Venezuela. Its features include wide plains, dense rainforests and the skyscraping table mountains know as tepuis. These red sandstone plateaus are among the most ancient formations on earth, dating to the time of the Precambrian supercontinent known as Gondwanaland.

Over millions of years, the tepuis have eroded to form columns, arches, sinkholes and monoliths. Spectacular waterfalls, such as the record setting Angel Falls, plunge from these summits. This is the topography that inspired Arthur Conan Doyle's Lost World and Pixar's Up. The tepuis sheer heights make them ecological islands; tepui summit flora include an abundance of carnivorous plants, which have adapted to the harsh environment by gathering supplemental nitrogen from insects.

Mount Roraima, one of the most famous tepuis, marks the border between Venezuela, Guyana, and Brazil. The multi-day journey to the summit of Roraima is one of South America's most popular hiking adventures. Local guides, including members of the Pemon indigenous group, lead five to seven-day treks from the town of Santa Elena de Uairen. En route, you'll pass through rainforest, dry savannah and sandstone labyrinths. Stunning vistas and otherworldly formations will energize your spirit and inspire your climb.

Visitors to the Gran Sabana usually stay four or more nights, with accommodations at rustic, yet comfortable Pemon lodges. Activities include horseback riding, trekking and wildlife viewing tours. One of our favorite day trips is the excursion to Quebrada de Jaspe, a red jasper waterfall also known by its Pemon name Kako Paru or Fire Creek.

The dry season in Gran Sabana extends from January to May, but trekkers should be prepared for summit mists and rainfall year round. Most visitors arrive in Santa Elena de Uairen by air from Cuidad Bolivar or Canaima.

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"Nothing can be grander than this countryside."

Alexander von Humboldt