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Central America

Central America is the hemisphere’s heart—the cultural and biological crossroads of the New World. This is the seat of Maya culture, expressed in whirling market towns and the glories of cities past. Other distinctive peoples—such as the Kuna, Garifuna, Lenca, and Xinca—further enrich the cultural mosaic. More widely, this is a region steeped in Spanish-colonial influence, warmed by peaceful independence, and mellowed into distinctive local flavors.

Central America is the embodiment of contrast and connection—the geographic link between two wildly different continents and oceans. The land changes quickly, allowing visitors to sample a satisfying variety of locations. Great mountains tumble down to valleys perfumed by cocoa, coffee, and orchids. Coral reefs give way to mangroves and coastal forests. Nearby, volcanoes fume, beaches sparkle, and jungles flash with song and color.

Central America’s topographical richness and geographical position have made it one of the most biologically diverse places on earth. As naturalist David Rains Wallace noted, “Central America is so crowded with life that it supports 7% of the earth’s species on less than 0.5% of its land.” In Central America, you can observe howler monkeys and toucans at breakfast, sail with dolphins and humpbacks in the afternoon, and marvel at nesting sea turtles by moonlight.

Central America’s surf, jungles, caves, and rivers make it a paradise for adventure lovers. Here you can hike active volcanoes, raft tropical whitewater, rappel down waterfalls, and soar above the forest canopy.

Although Central America has a reputation for rustic eco-lodges, the range of accommodations has expanded dramatically in the last decade. The region now boasts charming boutique hotels, luxurious retreats, and world-class resorts.

Indeed, Central America is not just for backpackers. Several of our clients are families with young children, dipping tentative toes into international travel. Others are seasoned travelers who, having journeyed east and west, now want to enjoy the exotic in their own backyards. Central America is often a perfect fit. Flights from the USA are short and plentiful, jetlag unknown.

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